Years ago, it was common to create different discount codes, landing pages, banners, and emails during the BFCM weekend. Things are changing. But should you use the same discount code for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? In our experience; Yes.

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Thoughts on Using the Same Discount Code

People have gotten used to shopping anytime within the BFCM weekend. This makes marketing simpler and allows you to explore using the same discount code, banner and landing page style for both sales.

However, if you have time for it, you can adjust your marketing strategy slightly. For example, in your social media posts and emails (which you should be sending every day – covered in “How often should I email my sale?“), mention the specific sales day. For example Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday.

If you want to run two discount codes, make sure both are working and are available throughout the BFCM weekend. For example, both the “BLACKFRIDAY” and “CYBERMONDAY” codes should work throughout the entire sale period. Otherwise, this would create confusion among your potential customers and will probably lose you some sales.

There are some sites and industries famous for adjusting their sales to be even better on Cyber Monday. One example is the video game store Steam. In fact, they take it to the extreme, with the discounts swinging from 5-90% hour by hour over the holiday weekend. The process at Steam is automated and probably has been fine-tuned for their specific audience. It creates a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among customers. This isn’t something a small membership site or business would be particularly interested in. 

In general, less confusion is better. Use the same discount code on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make set-up simpler.

Bonus Tip: 

The more comfortable you are in running sales, the less effort you’ll put in setting up BFCM sales. You can choose to create reusable content, designs, and layout for the whole weekend. You can use the same emails and social media posts next year with minimal changes.

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