Maximize Your Flash Sale Revenue

Unlock hassle-free, automated Black Friday and Flash Sales with Sitewide Sales—your complete WordPress sale management tool.

Don’t let Black Friday be a nightmare of late-night deal launches and complex discount setups. With Sitewide Sales, you can prepare your WordPress site’s biggest promotions well in advance, and watch them roll out precisely when you want, without a finger lifted during those crucial hours.

Our intuitive plugin seamlessly integrates with your preferred WordPress eCommerce platforms, streamlining every aspect of the sale process:

  • Simplified Discount Management: Set automatic coupon codes and eye-catching strikethrough pricing that activates at your designated times.
  • Timed Sale Banners: Grab attention with custom banners tailored to different user roles and membership levels.
  • Dynamic Sale Pages: Create engaging landing pages that evolve with your sale period, maintaining momentum and interest.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Gain valuable insights from detailed performance reports, helping you understand and boost your conversion rates.

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