Create Discount Codes for your sales with Paid Memberships Pro (PMPro). In this document, we cover the step-by-step guideline of creating and editing discount codes.

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Steps to create discount code

  • Creating the PMPro Discount Code:
    • Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Memberships > Discount Codes in the WordPress admin area.
    • Click Add New Discount Code or choose to Edit an existing code
  • Depending on the membership level you want to create the discount codes for, you can edit some of the following fields:
    • ID: This is an auto-generated field with an internally tracked ID (not public).
    • Code: This is the value of the code members can use at checkout to purchase products/services (public).
    • Start Date: The date you want the code to active from.
    • End Date: The date you want to end your discounted sales. The code will stop working on this specific date.
    • Uses: You can limit the number of times a discount code can be redeemed/used. Leave the field blank for unlimited uses.  

Note that setting up a discount code for a particular membership level will completely override its initial price, subscription, expiration, trial, etc.

Screenshot of the Add New Discount Code in Paid Memberships Pro