Email marketing is still a big sales funnel to target your audience. But how often should you email your list about a sale? We found that when you are running a sale, email your mailing list every single day, and twice on the last day. You can make your emails brief and precise. For example, “sale ending tomorrow [link]” “4 hours left [link].”

In this article, we give some guidance on what to consider when deciding how often to remind your audience of a sale.

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Tips on Membership and Physical Products and How Often to Email Your List

When it comes to email frequency, membership products differ from physical products. Once someone buys, they become a customer and are typically moved “off” your sales marketing list. This means that they won’t be targeted again for the same promotion.

With membership products, you need to be aggressive and target as many prospects as possible. If you annoy someone in your membership site sales funnel by sending too many emails, it’s not that big of a problem. The kind of person annoyed by emails ABOUT GETTING YOUR PRODUCT AT A DISCOUNT is not likely to ever become a customer.

A more traditional Ecommerce shop selling multiple physical or digital products may want to be less aggressive with sending emails. With a traditional ecommerce shop, repeat customers are NOT moved off your mailing list. Therefore need to continue to receive your future emails. So it’s possible that sending too many emails might annoy legitimate customers in your mailing list. This being said, we lean towards more emails.

Other Marketing Platforms

Besides Emails, you can try social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. These outlets are flooded with different content types, and you want to regularly re-post or update your sales. Doing so prevents your posts from being pushed to the very bottom where nobody actually interacts with them.  Again, it might feel like you are being too pushy or annoying. But in reality, if you post 20 times over BFCM weekend, your customers may only see one or two of those posts.

Bonus Tip: Avoid paid marketing on social media outlets or search engines during the BFCM weekend. The competition and the high ad rates might not make any sense for a small Ecommerce or membership site business. Instead, leverage the connection you already have. It’s easier to convert people in your sales funnel than complete strangers on the Internet.