The Story Behind the Name “Stranger Studios”

This is the definitive story behind choosing the name “Stranger Studios” for our business. Ignore the imposters. I, like many programmers, wanted to make video games. Around 2002 or so, I bought the domain name and starting setting up a website. I came up with a great logo for the new Stranger Studios… and (more…)

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Jason Talks 15 Years of Business in his Mixergy Interview

Mixergy Startup Stories

Hi there, freedom fighters. I was interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy. It has been a goal of mine to go on this show since I started watching Andrew’s interviews back in 2011.

Watch the interview here or find the podcast in your favorite podcast app.

Trial Our Sitewide Sales Plugin for Free

In 2019, Paid Memberships Pro made $85,000 during our various sales. Those sales accounted for 10% of total revenue last year. In 2020, our Spring Sale made over $30,000 in 6 days. For the past few weeks, I have been blogging, tweeting, and publishing videos about what we’ve learned running those sales. Now I want (more…)

Black Friday Performance Survey

We are gearing up for what some believe will be the biggest Black Friday shopping season ever.

Many of the business owners I talk to, who are considering running a BFCM promotion for the first time, wonder just how much money can they make? That is what we aim to capture in this survey.

That Talking Thing Episode 5

Construction Update. Sleeping. Looking closely at metrics for PMPro. Angel Investing. Projecting revenue. What was our favorite side project that didn’t pan out?