Testing our new SS-Downloads plugin. It basically will require an email address before serving a specified file. Right now, I’m using a zip of the pre-release plugin for testing. I will update this to point to the latest version once it’s ready.

Should see a form or download link here.

[download file=”https://www.strangerstudios.com/wp-content/plugins/ss-downloads.zip”]

Future plans:

  • Option to require account creation (instead of just an email address). Done
  • Option to email file as attachment instead of showing a link. Done
  • Icons for files in template.


Q: My downloads are incomplete, corrupt, or otherwise not downloading… especially large files.
A: This may be caused by a low memory issue or some other issue with serving the file through the getfile.php script. You can configure the plugin to simply redirect to the chosen file rather than serving it through the script by editing /ss-downloads/includes/setup.php and setting the GETFILE_REDIRECT value to true. The file will have to be served in a public web folder, and 733t hackers will be able to see the actual URL of the file.
Note: I’ve changed the GETFILE_REDIRECT to default to true. But if you have the inverse problem (the download is working, but you want to make it more secure by avoiding the redirect — which savvy users might be able to watch to get the URL of the file) you can set that value to false.
Bob at 2bretired.com has a good writeup of how to clear out the download stats for your files if you want to do that sort of thing.