Tips and Tricks for Stranger Studios-coded Themes

If you’re a Stranger Studios client using one of our custom WordPress themes, these special formatting options may be available to you. If these tricks aren’t working as intended on your theme, contact us and we will troubleshoot! Controlling Page Menus Main Navigation Menu: The pages that appear in your site’s main menu have a (more…)

SS-Downloads WordPress Plugin

Testing our new SS-Downloads plugin. It basically will require an email address before serving a specified file. Right now, I’m using a zip of the pre-release plugin for testing. I will update this to point to the latest version once it’s ready. Should see a form or download link here. [download file=””] Future plans: Option (more…)

Make One Category Display Full Posts in Thesis Theme

Update: Seems like this doesn’t work with the latest version of thesis. If you get it working, let me know. Got a request from a client to have a specific category page on their WordPress blog running the Thesis theme show full posts (vs. excerpts) for just one category. So I’m going to figure it (more…)

On Ustream: WordPress Plugin to Capture Email Addresses in Exchange For a File Download

Update: No longer streaming. The plugin works great. Kim is going to make it pretty, then I’ll post to WordPress and do a right up. I’m streaming live right now while I work on a WordPress plugin. Follow me at I’ll be working on a plugin for a feature that we’ve done a million (more…)

Editing the StudioPress Lifestyle Theme

A client contracted us to make some updates to the StudioPress Lifestyle WordPress theme. I’m documenting the changes here so our client can possibly do this work themselves in the future, and it may also help others out there looking to tweak the StudioPress (or really any) premium theme. Changing the Menu Colors Changing the (more…)

Web Hosting

Over the past year, we’ve helped launch over 20 new or refurbished websites. We’ve used just two hosting companies to host the majority of those sites. 1and1 We use 1and1 to purchase and manage¬†all of our domains. At just ~$7 per year, it’s hard to beat. We also use 1and1’s Linux Business package to host (more…)

Illustration Inspiration

I’ve been doing some illustration work for a client who is self-publishing a book. I am doing the drawings completely in Photoshop with my handy Intuit Wacom Tablet (I have an older series 2 tablet) (thanks, Dad! – that was a great Christmas). I’ve probably watched this video below at least 5 times since I (more…)