Before Sitewide Sales was a standalone plugin, there was a version of the plugin exclusively developed for Paid Memberships Pro customers. Membership sites that used this previous version can migrate historic sale data into the new plugin via a one-click migration step.

How to Migrate your PMPro Sitewide Sales

Before you can begin the migration, you must install and activate the new Sitewide Sales plugin.

  1. Navigate to Sitewide Sales > All Sitewide Sales in the WordPress admin.
  2. If the plugin detects historic sale data from the pmpro-sitewide-sales plugin, you will see a notice titled “Migrate Your Previous Sales Data”.
  3. Click the “Migrate PMPro Sitewide Sales Data” button in the notice to begin the migration script.

If you accidentally dismissed the notice, you can also access the migration process at the bottom of the Sitewide Sales > About page in the WordPress admin.

Understanding the Migration Process

The migration process is designed to make a few key updates to the way your data is stored and accessed. Below is a list of the updates to your data that this script will process:

  • Change the post_type for the pmpro_sitewide_sale CPTs to the new sitewide_sale post type.
  • Detect and migrate the pmpro_sitewide_sale shortcode to the sitewide_sale shortcode in post_content.
  • Update all Sitewide Sale postmeta, including the some sale data formerly stored in the WordPress options table into postmeta. This includes adjusting the prefix (meta key) for specific sale CPT data, as well as data for reports that was formerly stored in the options table.

After the migration is complete, you should be able to see all previous sales and their report data on the Sitewide Sales > All Sitewide Sales page in the WordPress admin.