You have published your sale on your site even sent reminders to your email or social media campaigns that it’s ending soon. But some customers always come to the party a little late. Now you are getting customers asking if they could please sneak in to take advantage of your sale price. What should you tell these customers who ask for the sale price after the sale has ended?

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Asking for the Sale Price

In our experience, you should just give customers that ask for the sale price, the discount unless it’s not technically possible. Some reasons on the latter could include the product is out of stock, unavailable, or you can’t afford to offer the sale price anymore.

Rest assured, not many people will ask for the sale price after the sale has ended. Customers that will ask for such a favor have their reasons for doing so. They either forgot to purchase, saw your sale too late or only got their cash flow after the sale has ended. If you decide to extend the offer for them it could show as a sign of goodwill.

You may want to try extending your sale (not advertised) to those who ask. If you find it doesn’t work for your case, you can come up with a different strategy. 

Minimal Discount

Generally, it’s a good idea, even outside of big sales, to have a minimal discount code or a coupon (5% or so) always available to give to anyone who asks. This can be seen as a great measure of consideration and the customer can feel valued and that you are more interested in their success than your pocket. Even if this is not the case, you will probably help retain most of these customers in this way.