Product Founder Talks: The Update Billing Page and Switching Payment Gateways

We’re writing an article on how to switch payment gateways for Paid Memberships Pro. In the article, we want to help site owners with the best practice way to get old members moved to the new gateway. One option is to cancel everyone and ask that they buy again through the new portal. Some sites, (more…)

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Heartbeat API for WordPress

As part of the JavaScript chapter for our upcoming book Building Web Apps with WordPress, I got a chance to research and work with the Heartbeat API that is new to WordPress 3.6. It’s a cool little piece of functionality that will help out developers building asynchronous apps on top of WordPress. At first, I (more…)

Continuing the WPWatercooler Discussion on Rapid WP Core Development

In his 2013 State of the Word Speech, Matt Mullenweg shared his plans to release two major versions of WordPress later this year in addition to 3.6 coming out this week and to generally increase the rate of WordPress updates. We discussed this a bit on the WPWatercooler today, but there wasn’t really time to (more…)

WordPress as an Application Framework

I wrote a comment over on Justin Tallant’s blog post titled WordPress is not an application framework. My comment got pretty long, so I figured I would also post it here. You should read Justin’s post first. He ends by asking “What do you think? Is WordPress heading in the right direction with the goal (more…)

Don’t Break The Code

Last Saturday at WordCamp Philly, I ran a session on “Building a Plugin in One Night”. Together, with about 50+ attendees, we brainstormed ideas for a new WordPress plugin that I could code that night. The brainstorming went great, coming up with some good ideas… like plugins to: Help first responders after a disaster (Big (more…)

Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

Not sure how long WordPress has been doing this, but there is a check for duplicate comments. If the same user/email posts the same exact comment on the same post, the user will get a message like: Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! This is great actually, and keeps people (more…)