Black Friday through Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend continues to be the largest sale event of the year in the US.

Consumers spent $9 billion shopping online the day after Thanksgiving in 2020. That’s up 21.6% from the previous year. That’s a lot of spending that you could get a slice of.

But there’s also a lot competition. You can’t just wing it.

  • You need to create a compelling offer that gets people in the door and keeps each sale profitable.
  • You need to gather and display social proof (testimonials).
  • You need to warm up your email list and prep them for a Black Friday sale with a series of scheduled emails.
  • And a lot more…

That’s why we created The Ultimate Planning Guide for Black Friday. A few hours a week for 6 weeks and you can have a stress-free Black Friday which grows your business.

Our Success With Black Friday

We’ve run numerous Black Friday sales for our flagship product Paid Memberships Pro and most years we see a 20-30% increase in sales. In recent years it’s been closer to 30% after we got better at running sales.

We put our 10 years of experience running sales into The Ultimate Planning Guide for Black Friday. It’s a combination of industry standards and what’s worked for us.

If you want to grow your sales by 20-30% and you don’t want to stress the week before Black Friday download The Ultimate Planning Guide for Black Friday now.

Download the Ultimate Planning Guide For Black Friday!

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