Mistake #2: Playing Designer

Unless your business is website design or something else in the arts, you don’t need a beautiful website. A nice looking website is a bonus, but make sure you’re working towards a functioning website instead of something that will look great printed out and framed on your wall. Oftentimes when going over design mockups or (more…)

Mistake #1: Lack of Goals

One of the biggest mistakes made by website owners is to have a website that is totally detached from any business activity. Maybe your website is beautiful. Maybe it has tons of information about your business. But what is the goal of your website? What do you want people who visit your website to do? (more…)

Make One Category Display Full Posts in Thesis Theme

Update: Seems like this doesn’t work with the latest version of thesis. If you get it working, let me know. Got a request from a client to have a specific category page on their WordPress blog running the Thesis theme show full posts (vs. excerpts) for just one category. So I’m going to figure it (more…)

Web Hosting

Over the past year, we’ve helped launch over 20 new or refurbished websites. We’ve used just two hosting companies to host the majority of those sites. 1and1 We use 1and1 to purchase and manage all of our domains. At just ~$7 per year, it’s hard to beat. We also use 1and1’s Linux Business package to host (more…)

Easier Way to Implement Diggstyle

Way back, I wrote the tutorial on how to create a pagination scheme similar to the one that Digg uses. The code in the tutorial was meant to educate readers on how the algorithm works. Meanwhile, I was using completely different code for my own projects. Typically I put all of the pagination code into (more…)

What Address to Use for WineLog Mobile?

We are getting ready to release mobile access to WineLog. I wanted to pose a question around this, and I hope to get at least a few responses. So here goes… What should we make the address for the WineLog mobile site? Here are a few options. Feel free to come up with your own. http://winelog.mobi (more…)

Pagination Update

Earlier in the year, I wrote a tutorial on how to create pagination similar to Digg’s. The article focused on the basic algorithm for displaying the pagination, and there was definitely some opportunity for improvement in its implementation. Well, the improvements are in. We have a modularized PHP version and a Perl version. See the (more…)