Heartbeat API for WordPress

As part of the JavaScript chapter for our upcoming book Building Web Apps with WordPress, I got a chance to research and work with the Heartbeat API that is new to WordPress 3.6. It’s a cool little piece of functionality that will help out developers building asynchronous apps on top of WordPress. At first, I (more…)

Our Book: Building Web Apps with WordPress

Brian Messenlehner (@bmess) of WebDevStudios and I (@jason_coleman – you follow me right?) are finishing up a book for O’Reilly¬†called Building Web Apps with WordPress. The book is for intermediate to advanced WordPress developers interested in building full on web applications using WordPress. We’re just finishing up writing now and diving into technical review with (more…)

The Relational Capital Group

The Relational Capital Group has been a client for the past 3 years, through 2 website iterations and the development of a custom web application for their unique Business Relationship methodology—RQ®.


This straightforward website showcases Brixiom’s CRM solutions for the drinks industry. We also styled and integrated the Salesforce.com Self-service Portal for Brixiom to provide tutorials, documentation, and online support to their users.