Don’t Break The Code

Last Saturday at WordCamp Philly, I ran a session on “Building a Plugin in One Night”. Together, with about 50+ attendees, we brainstormed ideas for a new WordPress plugin that I could code that night. The brainstorming went great, coming up with some good ideas… like plugins to: Help first responders after a disaster (Big (more…)

Unit of Measure PHP Class

For a recent project, we developed a php class that made it easier to work with units of measure. I was surprised that there wasn’t anything like this available out there, so we decided to open source the code once it was in a good state. That day has come. We will be updating this (more…)

Introducing TopWhatever

A new product from Stranger Studios. TopWhatever will change your life. From the about page: TopWhatever helps you make decisions by walking you through the process of creating a “decision matrix”. Using the matrix, you can weigh your options against the criteria that are important to you. Some decisions can get complicated quickly. The decisions (more…)

We’ve been busy rolling out new websites!

Stranger Studios has recently launched several great new websites. Check them out! Philadelphia-area Dermatologist, Harriet Comite, came to us for a total revamp of her growing practice’s (Advanced Skin Care) existing website. The site is balanced in its appeal to masculine and feminine audiences and conveys loads and loads of information in an easy-to-digest (more…)

Introducing Interactive 8-Ball: A Google “Gadget”

We’re working with some pretty interesting clients, and our work on WineLog is anything but boring. Still, we know how easy it is to get burned out on “work”. For that reason, Kim and I are always on the look out for quick, fun projects we can use to keep the energy level up in our office.


I am pleased to finally be able to write about PhotoCrank, a service that adds clever overlays to the photos you snap on your mobile phone. Since mid-August, Kim and I have been helping the PhotoCrank team with their website’s design and development. The secret is out now; their site went live sometime this morning. (more…)