Mistake #3: Starting with Design

I’ll focus on WordPress sites and themes here, but this advice applies to any website built using an existing theme as a framework or just for inspiration. I’m a big fan of using existing premium themes for WordPress sites. There are so many quality themes available now that you should be able to find something (more…)

Editing the StudioPress Lifestyle Theme

A client contracted us to make some updates to the StudioPress Lifestyle WordPress theme. I’m documenting the changes here so our client can possibly do this work themselves in the future, and it may also help others out there looking to tweak the StudioPress (or really any) premium theme. Changing the Menu Colors Changing the (more…)

We’ve been busy rolling out new websites!

Stranger Studios has recently launched several great new websites. Check them out! ComiteSkin.com Philadelphia-area Dermatologist, Harriet Comite, came to us for a total revamp of her growing practice’s (Advanced Skin Care) existing website. The site is balanced in its appeal to masculine and feminine audiences and conveys loads and loads of information in an easy-to-digest (more…)

Easier Way to Implement Diggstyle

Way back, I wrote the tutorial on how to create a pagination scheme similar to the one that Digg uses. The code in the tutorial was meant to educate readers on how the algorithm works. Meanwhile, I was using completely different code for my own projects. Typically I put all of the pagination code into (more…)

Pagination Update

Earlier in the year, I wrote a tutorial on how to create pagination similar to Digg’s. The article focused on the basic algorithm for displaying the pagination, and there was definitely some opportunity for improvement in its implementation. Well, the improvements are in. We have a modularized PHP version and a Perl version. See the (more…)

Self Portrait

I like this. Done in Photoshop. I traced a picture Kim took of me last month and did some simple coloring. I may add a little more detail to this yet. The face could use some work, and the shirt I’m wearing has this cool picnic-table-plaid that would look good in the picture. This is also a good candidate (more…)