Mistake #1: Lack of Goals

One of the biggest mistakes made by website owners is to have a website that is totally detached from any business activity. Maybe your website is beautiful. Maybe it has tons of information about your business. But what is the goal of your website? What do you want people who visit your website to do? (more…)

Making QR Codes with Google URL Shortener and Google Charts

One way to make a QR codes to use the Google URL shortener. Goto http://goo.gl/ Enter a URL Click shorten Click “details” Note/save the QR code If you dig deeper, you find that you can click on the QR code there, which will take you to a Google Charts link. For example, here is the Google Charts (more…)

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Don’t Call Your Customer a Dick

Yesterday Adriaan Pienaar, a.k.a. “Adii Rockstar” of Woo Themes posted on his blog about a tough client asking, Am I being irrational? He later followed up on Twitter, calling this customer a “dick client”. http://twitter.com/#!/adii/status/95897185144676352 Now I’ve definitely had similar conversations among friendly company in private, but I would never post something like this to my blog or Twitter. (more…)

Hacking the Long Tail

Making Collaborative Filtering Work for WineLog.net… What is the Long Tail? Coined (in its current form) by Chris Anderson in his October 2004 Wired magazine article, “long tail” refers to a common pattern seen in graphs depicting product demand or units sold. The graph below is a simple chart of units sold verse the total (more…)