Family-focused topics from Jason and Kim. We’ll talk about living in a climate with four distinct seasons. Is it really worth it? Some people just live where it’s mostly beautifully warm all the time. We’ll also talk about what exactly was going on in the car ride to dinner last night.

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Transcript: Season 2, Episode 16

Welcome back to that talking thing. I’m Kim I’m Jason. This is episode 16, season two. We have a couple of life topics and, um, I have kind of a sensitive question coming up in the second half of this episode, but we’ll start with maybe an easier one, uh, where man, it’s springtime here. And we had a couple of nice days today was a little chillier, but every time we have like nice spring days, I think there’s places on earth where the weather is always like this.

Like why do we wear it sometimes cold and sometimes oppressively hot. So, uh, what do you think about that? Like, you know, about choosing to live here for school? Hold on. I thought this topic was about seasons and our podcasts because about actual seasons. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. Well, we live in a temperate climate.

We live in the Northeast in Pennsylvania, in the United States. So we do have four seasons. We have we’re currently entering spring. I know. Is it starting this weekend is the 21st or something like that? I think it’s starting this weekend. Okay. Yeah. And then we’ll have summer, then we’ll have fall, then we’ll have winter.

Um, I like living where there’s seasons. Yeah. I think that they’re just the right amount of time that you are getting kind of sick of that weather and ready for it to get to a new temperature. Yeah. I used to think so. I think so. I don’t know if I think so. I used to think so. And I don’t know if I think so anymore.

Cause like in the winter time it gets cozy, you know, or like I really appreciate the fall because the summer is so hot. Um, and do we need that kind of change to really appreciate it or people who live in like San Diego, just like, dude, it’s always nice to know. Are you talking about like, I ride my bike whenever I want, but we get to have a variety of activities.

We get to have like a winter sport and it’s summer sports and you know how much we love sports. Yeah. And think would do it, had to take that much advantage on it. I don’t know. But yeah, we got a lot of, uh, good growing seasons here in Pennsylvania. So we get. Yeah, we have a lot of farming and backyard farms, but also gardens and different kinds of farms.

Yeah. In a tropical climate where it’s the same all the time. It’s always the same kind of produce that’s in season versus here. We’re in spring, we’re having like broccoli, cauliflower, beets, spinach, all these kind of cool weather crops will translate into summer when we’ll have fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, all local.

If you’re trying to minimize your impact on the world with the food and travel, and this is kind of a privileged conversation of, we can choose to live somewhere else. We work from home, not everyone does, but I think some part of our audience is. Couples who are working together potentially remotely and do have this option.

Um, and we, we choose to live here because our family is around here. Like I like being near our friends and our family who happened to live around here. Yeah. Um, but sometimes it’s tempting to, you know, There’s no way to really test this is their go live somewhere for a year or something. Yeah. Oh, it has to be a whole year.

Cause the whole point is like you would get tired of, you have to break through and never end your summer. This is maybe where, if the folks who are watching on YouTube and stuff, like put in the comments, why is it so wonderful to live in a two season? Yeah. Do you live somewhere where it’s always nice.

And you can’t imagine living somewhere where it’s, that’s not the case or do you live in a template temporary? Have you lived in both kinds of places and made a decision? I will say that you aren’t, you don’t carry the stress of maintaining our gardens in the spring and summer. Not even like vegetable gardens, Blake flower beds.

Right. Okay. That’s not a stress for you. You’re not concerned. About the lawn being mowed or the weeds being pulled or the shrubs being trimmed. I mean, it’s taken care of enough that it doesn’t bother me by me and by people we employ. Um, but I think that your dad and Puerto Rico, everything’s always growing and lush and multiplying and requiring his time and effort.

Yeah. He maybe loves that because if he lived somewhere where there was breaks in that he would feel idle, he would not have something to do. But I will say that I love when fall approaches because that part of my brain just shut it off. Yeah. Or I used to, like, I like rainy days. I used to think I want to live in Seattle where it rains all the time.

Cause like, it’s so fun to like sit inside when it’s raining and read a book. Um, But, I mean, if it was always raining, it would just be crazy. It feels like, oh, it’s an, it’s an opportunity. It’s just like, when, when the power would go out or the wifi would stop working and you’re like, oh, this is like an opportunity to do something different.

You know, when it snows, it’s like, let’s stop everything we’re doing and sled, you know? Um, I think I hate about the seasons is having to drag out my kids. Maybe they’ve outgrown summery clothes. You do need two sets of clothes. And for kids, you have to put away the summer, the warm weather clothing as the fall approaches say that hope that they’ll still fit it.

The Puerto Rico, like end of winter. And we’re like, oh, we actually hadn’t gotten them summer clothes yet. Do they fit their old clothes from last year? Not really. I had to buy some sales. Right? You had to buy some stuff. I did. We, I like that word. You use what’s that mean? No, you’re fine. You do a lot. You can do a lot.

I had, if I use some clothes. Yeah. All right. Yeah. It was like, get me some shorts. Um, that would work nice. New t-shirts that were playing. Yeah. Yeah. We had to get some good, but people who live in a two climate, one climate, no seasons, they don’t, they don’t have a lot of clothes for a variety of seasonal.

The far north, you know, you, you don’t need shorts. Or my dad, when he comes up here, it doesn’t have sweatshirts. He keeps them up here. So I guess you always had that kind of problem. Why did you make a decision that way? It’s kind of like live where you want to live, but. Um, I don’t know. That was interesting.

We don’t have extreme, cold and extreme heat. We, it doesn’t break a hundred degrees, many days. It doesn’t go below zero much. Here. There are areas where the winter is even more intense than. Yeah. I feel like we probably have the biggest swings close to on the planet here. Probably a full hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Yeah. In this temperate zone and the Southern hemisphere as well. Yes. Yeah. But like there’s places where it definitely hotter, but it doesn’t also get cold and especially recently, so our team or our total range of temperatures as well, I got temporary and I guess it’s like those back and forth. Oh my gosh.

We’re rediscovering. Whoa, meteorology 1 0 1 here on the net talking thing. Oh my gosh. Okay. Do I have to talk about seasons anymore? Now let’s talk about, we talk about podcast seasons or is that the subgroup? Did you want to talk about. I don’t have ideas on that yet. Okay. I also want to talk about what the hell happened in the car yesterday on the way to dinner, we went out to dinner and we saw comedian.

We saw some friends I’ll set the stage because that’s the thing about, I’m not like really upset. I was okay. We were driving and you were. I was, I was kind of like amped for the night. I was like, we’re ready to go. And you’re like, I’m not ready to talk. Or somebody said, oh, okay. Like, can you put calmer music on?

Okay. And like, it was like, oh, you just need a break. Cause you had a really hard day. Um, but I was thinking, I was like, give me that space. And I was okay with it in general, but I was thinking about it. And this is related to our relationship and kind of the topic of this podcast. A lot of times of like we work together and we’re together all day.

You said, I don’t know if this came on the podcast, but the other re recently too, about how like, man, we’re, we’re, we’re having more like parties with friends and stuff and how much that energizes you. Uh, and you know, you miss that through the COVID time, but it’s like, oh, I, I’m not one of them friends that can energize you.

Right. And I, I felt like, ah, like maybe part of it’s like, that’s just not my role or I’m capable of doing that. Cause um, you know, like you need it. Um, the thing you need a break from. And some sense and maybe is it, I don’t know if we have to figure out what it is maybe, but like, is it because I’m also work or is it because I’m just around you all day or is it that’s a husband, wife thing in general?

The other brands I had been in Maryland last weekend when I got back, I think I bombarded you with questions and chatter. Okay. I know I did because I had been kind of. You know, not, not depressed sad, but like just like calm, like, yeah, I was quiet. I, my mom was with me, but she’s not a very big talker. So it was just a really quiet weekend of no one to talk to.

So I do get energized talking to you. I had just been on back to back deep conversations, working meetings, tactical meetings, back to that, dealing with problems. With stupid fucking Metta pixels on our site and things that don’t make sense and things that aren’t documented and that are unclear. Um, I had squeezed in a shower earlier in the day so that my hair would be done.

So we’d go out to dinner. I did not have time to put makeup on, so I felt like less, cause I didn’t fully feel fully fancy. I was like getting off the call rushing to get ready. I think you were sitting on the sofa playing on your phone reading stuff, waiting to go. And as soon as I got off my call, yes, as soon as I got off my call, I needed to rush to get dressed, get things together.

I needed to get you to communicate with the kids, get them organized for the night, get money out for the babysitter.

It’s like a chaotic, this is a recurring theme in general where I shouldn’t be so kind of like self centered and take everything so personal. I had nothing to do with this, that anybody in the car. With you would have also been like, could you quiet down? Like know, no, I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t know. It’s because I am so comfortable with you that I’m able to tell you authentically, this is Jason.

This is what I need right now. 10 minutes, this ride, I need this car ride to just so I can get it out later. And I want to be excited and have a fun night, but I just needed a transition moment, you know? Yeah. And I didn’t mean that like bring it up again. I was okay with it, but I was like, oh, that’s good.

I like to understand these situations like what’s going on. Yeah. Uh, and like I said, I take it maybe, is it kind of. This is the thing, like when you move in with someone and the relationship to your, like, we used to always, like, you’d only see me eat. I’d always have my teeth brushed when you saw me or like, you’d be happy to see me cause we meant for, and so like when you that’s like a time, this kind of tension happens.

And then I think when we’re working together a lot, it’s kind of like, You know, I’m not like the exciting thing, you know, I’m the thing that was there all day. And I think I’d rather be the guy who gets to spend all day with you and do this stuff with you. Then the guy that you know, comes every other weekend to a dinner party and hangs out with you.

But man, that’s not even the big part. It’s kind of like the day was intense and you needed a break and that car ride was the only time you could get it. And you’re comfortable saying, Hey, Jason, let’s just be quiet. Absolutely. Yeah. I think we’re both getting to that place a little bit comfortable just saying what we need.

Yeah. More and more our kids say what they need. We know we recognize what they need and what they want to do and we’re not codependent. Do you know what I mean? In some ways we do a lot together and we’re happy to do a lot together. But we don’t have every hobby overlapping and we’re not codependent. I am, I will go to a hotel by myself and have a nice weekend.

You would go to, yes. Yeah. Like, um, Hm. I don’t, um, place my, all my happiness and you, I don’t think you place all your happiness in me, but you still make each other happy. I think we have like a good adult mature. I’m wondering if, if to wherever in the reverse where like you’re really excited and I’m not, and how that plays.

And I don’t know, I need to be like, Hey, I don’t know. I don’t know. You’re not good at saying what you, you’re not good at saying what you need to just, I roll and like four and close your laptop aggressively instead of saying. Kim I’m in a moment right now I could, could’ve like nastily reacted to you playing like crazy music and chattering and where are we going?

And when, and who’s coming and where are they at? And dah, dah, dah. I’m like, I was ready on the tip of my tongue. I was like, if you want to know the answers to these things should have. Or organized it yourself or, you know, I don’t even know. Yeah, no, you’re right. But it was like small talk. Yeah. You want it to small talk and I want it to not talk to them, but I think I did that to you sit at the breakfast bar and pull your laptop up while I’m cooking dinner sometimes.

And I’m chattering to you and you’re like, oh, like I shouldn’t be working. You know, I shouldn’t be where I know I shouldn’t even be working right now. Close your laptop. Okay. What do you want to say? Great business stuff. I’m glad you weren’t passive aggressive. Listen in the car. I agree with it. I wasn’t upset with what happened.

I was just like, oh, this is interesting moment. What’s going on. Yeah. Yeah. If you feel like you could react and react negatively or nasty to somebody just cause how you’re feeling instead, like get in front of it and communicate what I feel like I don’t do the closest slam the laptop thing. So I feel like I really got that under control.

Maybe sometimes. Um, you’ll say, you’ll go sit somewhere. You say, ah, I’m just going to sit here. And if anyone needs me, I’m available to anyone. Right. It hasn’t happened in awhile. I’m really figuring that out because I realized how bad that is. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, let me know. Okay. When it comes up again, I feel like some new tricks.

Yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, no, that’s the worst where it’s kind of like if a. When someone says it, Isaac does that too. Where like, I’m not, I’m not gonna do the thing I want to do. I’m gonna do exactly what you wanted to do it. And I know you’re not into this, like, just go, um, huh, life’s hard. And you, you know what that car ride was?

I need like when we got there, it was, it was good. Probably probably after this, the stuff we’re doing today, you still need like the weekend to recover from that. That’s it for fun call. It’s still a little draining still. Yeah. Yeah. I find that too. It’s just like, I mean, I’m kind of, I’m an introverted. So being around people, the same thing where like, when we got back from vacation and I was, you know, we were talking about inviting friends over and it was kind of like, I needed to be alone.

Like I was with my family who I loved and I enjoyed it, but I haven’t been alone for the past six, seven days. So. Right. Yeah. I didn’t invite anyone over tonight. No, don’t worry. Oh, okay. Yeah. That’s yeah, we’re going away tomorrow. All right. 15 minutes. This might be a ask for what you want. Yeah. Good. Try to recognize if you overreact or react negatively to something.

If you could have used your words before, use your words. We should imagine that that could have been a fight. You know, we’ve had a lot of fights in cars going places, and maybe that’s like, what that was, is kind of, yeah. I gotta figure this out. And like two people at different when you said like, oh, I could’ve snapped.

Like I think like that would, maybe we would have spiraled into like a bad thing. And then yeah. But I appreciate that he didn’t snap that you handled your shit. I love you. I think things we get in fights going places too, because. Like when you’re getting ready to go somewhere, you like recognize that you’re unhappy with your body or your face or your makeup or your clothing shopping for clothes.

And then like, I’m kind of ruined for a day. Yeah. You desperately need to go shopping to do this. I have to psych myself up for it tomorrow. We’re going out with friends. What are you gonna wear?

You look really nice. I’m just saying, I think that would create stress and then we’re gone. We can have some time to go. I wasn’t even thinking about asking Chris if he wanted to go in New York suburbs.

That’s a good idea. I’m like, if fight with you in the car tomorrow, I’m going to take a glass of wine in the car and my opaque container. Um, we haven’t done that in a while. We’re so much better on all these things because we overthinking this. I think the pandemic, you just like reevaluate everything.

Hunter meditating helps. So I call it it’s called like you. Cut the fuse on like a situation where you can, I feel like, I mean, just cases that still come up, but I feel like I’m way better at catching. And honestly, when I’m one of those moments comes up, I’m like, well, I need. Solve my issues and take my time and make sure that I, you know, I’m not reactive around the kids and, you know, right.

Cause it hurts. It’s bad zombie meditation and you’re good. Yeah. Yeah. What’s the zombie meditation. Oh. He’s like we were summoning spirits, spirits, so many medicines that might be a topic for the next step. Okay. Why don’t you enlighten him? They can actually do one live and the spirit will come shit. And it was not very interesting.

Oh, well maybe we’ll chat, but we’ll talk about it. Thanks everyone.