Heartbeat API for WordPress

As part of the JavaScript chapter for our upcoming book Building Web Apps with WordPress, I got a chance to research and work with the Heartbeat API that is new to WordPress 3.6. It’s a cool little piece of functionality that will help out developers building asynchronous apps on top of WordPress. At first, I (more…)

Tips and Tricks for Stranger Studios-coded Themes

If you’re a Stranger Studios client using one of our custom WordPress themes, these special formatting options may be available to you. If these tricks aren’t working as intended on your theme, contact us and we will troubleshoot! Controlling Page Menus Main Navigation Menu: The pages that appear in your site’s main menu have a (more…)

Hidden 404 Errors with WordPress Plugin Pages

After a couple hours, I’ve tracked down and fixed a bug I was having with some of our Wordpress plugins. I believe that there are a few people out there having the same problem. I think there may be another solution online, but it is one of those issues that is difficult to pare down to a good search query.

Anyway here is a solution for “404 issues with plugin pages” or “lynx shows a 404, but the page still loads”, or “Google Webtools says there is a 404, but I can get to the page”, or “setting status to 200:OK still results in 404”, or “I get a 404 in IE, but refreshing the page brings it up”, or “I get random 404 errors in IE”, or “I’m getting an HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found error but the page still loads”.

Paginate Your Site Like Digg

Some people were interested in seeing the code I used to create the pagination for WineLog, which was based on the style of pagination used on sites like Digg and Flickr. I’ve put together a little demo which should help out anyone who is trying to create the same effect on their site. (digg-style pagination (more…)