Jason Talks 15 Years of Business in his Mixergy Interview

Mixergy Startup Stories

Hi there, freedom fighters. I was interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy. It has been a goal of mine to go on this show since I started watching Andrew’s interviews back in 2011.

Watch the interview here or find the podcast in your favorite podcast app.

Trial Our Sitewide Sales Plugin for Free

In 2019, Paid Memberships Pro made $85,000 during our various sales. Those sales accounted for 10% of total revenue last year. In 2020, our Spring Sale made over $30,000 in 6 days. For the past few weeks, I have been blogging, tweeting, and publishing videos about what we’ve learned running those sales. Now I want (more…)

We’ll be at CreativeCamp (in Philly) December 2nd

See CreativeCamp.org for more information. BarCampNYC2 was awesome, but the only reason we treked all the way up there was because Philadelphia-area entrepreneurs hadn’t yet gotten their act together. Well now Philly has an unconference of its own: CreativeCamp.

BarCamp NYC 2 Follow-up

Kim and I had a great time at BarCamp in New York this weekend. We met a ton of like-minded people doing incredible things. Our presentation on “Hacking the Long Tail: Making Collaborative Filtering work for WineLog.net” went well. I was hoping to get educated by someone in the audience who knew more about the (more…)

We’ll be at BarCamp NYC 2 Saturday and Sunday

Information about BarCamp NYC 2 can be found at BarCamp.org. I’ll be presenting on “hacking the long tail”, discussing how the long tail phenomenon applies to WineLog. We’ll dispute the assertion that wine tasting note sites are doomed to fail and give some reasons why a social community and recommendation engine can be successfully applied (more…)

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New Site

Stranger Studios is going full-time. To celebrate, Kim and I have refurbished the company website. We think the new design is, like, totally sweet. And we’ve started a blog! (I can never get enough.) The blog itself should get a makeover fairly soon. And we’re, as always, very busy with WineLog. However, we’re looking for (more…)