Explore how to set up a sale using the Sitewide Sales plugin.

Getting Started

Take some time thinking about the sale you will set up. This important first step will help you run a structured, well designed sale and will significantly cut down on the setup time. Some things to consider include:

  • What is the main purpose for your sale?
  • What date will your sale begin?
  • When will your sale end?
  • If you’re running a sale on products, which products will your discount apply for?
  • If you’re running a sale on membership, which existing members (if any) do you want to know about the sale?
  • What general look and feel do you want to use as part of the marketing surrounding your sale?

Continue reading for installation and setup instructions to help make your sale a measurable success.


  1. PMPro Plus and Unlimited members can install the add on via the Memberships > Add Ons admin page.
  2. Or, download the plugin file and upload the pmpro-sitewide-sales directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to the Memberships > Sitewide Sales page and continue with the Setup steps below.


There are a variety of settings and options available to help you craft your sale. After activating the Add On, navigate to the Sitewide Sale page in the WordPress Dashboard and click “Add New” to get started.

Enter a title to be used for internal tracking purposes. This title will not be displayed to your visitors or members.

The instructions below take your through necessary steps to create and activate a sale. At a high level, the steps include:

  1. Step 1: Specify the sale’s Start Date and End Date
  2. Step 2: Select the Sale Type from the included integrations and assign the sale’s Discount Code or Coupon Code.
  3. Step 3: Associate a Landing Page for your sale
  4. Step 4: Display a Banner to advertise your sale
  5. Step 5: Track the progress of your sale with reports and statistics

Continue reading the documentation pages below to better understand each step of your sale setup.

Sale Start and End Date

The Sale Start Date and Sale End Date fields control when the chosen banner and built-in sale reporting will be active for your site. This is the first step in setting up your Sitewide Sale.


Sale Type

The second step in setting up your Sitewide Sale is to select a Sale Type and associated Discount or Coupon Code. Sitewide Sales currently integrates with WooCommerce and Paid Memberships Pro. More integrations will be available in the future, so please let us know if there is a specific integration you would like to see.


Landing Page

Your sale’s Landing Page is the page that will track the key component of your sale’s performance. You can share direct links to the page in any marketing efforts, such as an email blast, via social networks like Twitter or Facebook, as well as additional banners or advertisements throughout your site. This is also the (more…)


Sale Banners

Quickly set up marketing banners or notification bars for your sale that only show up for the audience you want to see them. Helping you get as many customers to your sales landing page as possible.



A cookie is created for each site visitor when a sale is active. The cookie will track whether the visitor views the banner, visits your landing page, or completes checkout. This allows the site owner to see reports on sale performance based on the conversion rate of your banner, landing page, and checkout process. Screenshot: (more…)



Support Area For user support (“how can I do this?”) and technical support (“this seems broken”), open a ticket in our Support Area. The Support Area is only for customers who have purchased the Sitewide Sales plugin. Self-Service Documentation Try to help yourself first by reading through the Sitewide Sales documentation. Contact Us Rather send (more…)