Information about BarCamp NYC 2 can be found at

I’ll be presenting on “hacking the long tail”, discussing how the long tail phenomenon applies to WineLog. We’ll dispute the assertion that wine tasting note sites are doomed to fail and give some reasons why a social community and recommendation engine can be successfully applied to the domain of wine.

Kim and I will also be performing a little wine tasting. “Volunteers” will drink 2 of the 4 red wines we’re bringing. Then we’ll run their ratings through a little spreadsheet application I’ve rigged. The spreadsheet will predict their rating on the other two wines they haven’t drunk yet. Then we’ll see how good those predictions are. The spreadsheet is pretty cool, doing similar analysis to what is done behind the scenes at WineLog. But it also gives me the idea to package something up for people to download and use at their own tastings. Hmmm…

I’ll post back here after the (un)conference and let y’all know how things went.

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