Over the past year, we’ve helped launch over 20 new or refurbished websites. We’ve used just two hosting companies to host the majority of those sites.


We use 1and1 to purchase and manage all of our domains. At just ~$7 per year, it’s hard to beat. We also use 1and1’s Linux Business package to host the Stranger Studios website and a number of smaller internal websites using modern web design. For just $9.99 per month, you get 250GB of storage space, 2500GB of bandwidth, and the ability to host up to 100 domains. If you don’t understand those numbers, just know that it is much more than need.

1and1 has great uptime. They offer both MS and Linux packages, including everything up to dedicated servers. In our experience, the packages below “business” level suffer from some performance issues, as there are a large number of websites running on the same server. However, the business packages have been great for sites of our that receive fewer than 1000 visitors per day. For sites that require greater performance or more flexibility, we suggest…

Update: Myriad Network is no more. At least not the Myriad we knew and loved. Seems that they’ve been sold to EMC Telecommunications (though they are not admitting). Ever since, we’ve had nothing but problems. I’m currently looking for new VPS/Dedicated hosting.

Myriad Network

WineLog.net is hosting on a Myriad Network Virtual Dedicated Server. People moving from a regular shared server to a VDS will notice a huge difference in performance. Another reason to look into VDS options is if your application requires databases larger than 100MB (1and1 and other shared hosts limit on MySQL DBs). Our Mobilicio.us application with hundreds of thousands of rows of data zings on a new Myriad Network server. And Myriad makes it easy to scale to multiple servers or larger dedicated servers.

When moving to a VDS, you’re going to have to do a lot more of the nitty gritty at the server level. For our clients, we handle all the nonsense. But even we get confused sometime with some of the more subtle aspects of running a server. In these cases, the Myriad support has been nothing but great with us. They are always timely in their responses and very helpful.

And, yes, those are affiliate links above. For over a year now, we’ve been referring clients and friends to both of these hosting companies without using affiliate links. A little bit of math showed us that we were leaving some money on the table here. Not a lot of money, but maybe enough for a trip to Vegas. So we appreciate your support by using the links above to sign up for these great companies. We wouldn’t recommend them unless we thought they were the best. And they are.