How Much of a Discount Should I Offer for My Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is a high marketing weekend with large competitive discount amounts. But how much of a discount should you offer for a Black Friday sale? In our experience, it would be best if you aim for a 30-50% discount. Anything outside this range might not compete for customer’s attention during the high volume of offers. 

In this article, we share our thoughts on pricing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal sales.

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How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Black Friday Sale?

The Sitewide sales plugin was designed to make setting up a sale on your site much simpler. But how long will it take you to set up a Black Friday sale exactly? We found that you can have everything up and running in less than 30 minutes. All you need to do is create a discount code, a landing page, and a banner.  

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What Should I Tell Customers Asking for the Sale Price After the Sale Has Ended?

You have published your sale on your site even sent reminders to your email or social media campaigns that it’s ending soon. But some customers always come to the party a little late. Now you are getting customers asking if they could please sneak in to take advantage of your sale price. What should you tell these customers who ask for the sale price after the sale has ended?

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