Nik’s Naks Online

This eCommerce site carries a wide variety of personalized merchandise, mainly geared toward the bridal and baby crowd. Unique product options and option-sensitive pricing put our eCommerce platform to the test and enabled us to enhance our plugin with additional options support.

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Lap Belt Cinch Inc. hired us to develop an Ecommerce website and blog to market their SeatSnug® product. They had previously setup stores using Yahoo! shopping and were not thrilled with flexibility of that system.

Client Testimonial

We are a small startup company. We are experts at design and innovation. We are NOT even vaguely expert at web design, web stores, search engine optimization, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other internet tools required for business success these days. We engaged Stranger Studios after an exhaustive search. They spoke to us in English (not Geek) and LISTENED to what we needed. Then, without us having to be heavily involved, they built our site to our specifications (or better!) and delivered…on time and on budget. If you need a great web site, but need to focus on your product and business, call Stranger Studios. They were GREAT!

Bruce Mather, President and Chief Technology Officer, Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.,

Stranger Studios supported this website through

  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Ecommerce Plugin
  • Custom Designed Affiliate Landing Page
  • Easy Affiliate Sales Tracking and Reporting
  • Blog Content from Other Media

Our internally developed Ecommerce plugin for WordPress allows them unlimited control over how their system works. Checkouts are done on the site itself, and we have created a new affiliate system around a specific partnership they are pursuing.

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Tyler and Madison

One of the first websites to implement our Ecommerce plugin for WordPress. We also developed a logo and website design for Tyler & Madison that conveys the spirit of the business and quality of merchandise.

Stranger Studios supported this website through

  • Logo Design
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Ecommerce Plugin
  • Email Newsletter Design
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Value Prop Interactive

Jose Palomino came to us looking for help designing and laying out his new book. Before that work was finished, we helped him build a website platform to compliment the book and his existing consulting business.

“Stranger Studios was the perfect resource at just the right time. Finally – I could call one agency and get design and web functionality that works! They get it – and remain interested in finding new and better ways to grow my business”
— Jose Palomino, President, g2m Group, Inc.

Stranger Studios supported this website through

  • Book Layout
  • Book Cover Design
  • Website Design and Implimentation
  • Ecommerce Plugin
  • Events Plugin
  • Application Development (Assessment Plugin)
  • Flash Design (homepage)
  • Other IT Consulting
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