Seeking Programming, Design, and Marketing Interns for 2012

A true internship benefits the intern more than the employer. We’re looking for motivated people to take part in development, design, and marketing activities at Stranger Studios. Interns will be involved in real projects and given the education, resources, and tools to do productive work for a cutting edge web development company. Interns will be groomed to take on a full time position at a company like Stranger Studios or to do freelance work in their field.

The three positions we are hiring interns for are WordPress Developer, WordPress Designer, and Internet Marketing Specialist.

All positions are full time, 40 hours per week, for a 3-month period beginning February 2012.

All positions are unpaid. Although some payment may be possible.

All work will be done remotely. Interns within driving distance of Reading, PA will meet with us onsite or offsite on a biweekly basis.

We are interested in recent college graduates or candidates between jobs looking to gain experience and build their resumes. Applicants who are still in school may also be considered.

WordPress Developer

Help with the development of our various open source and for-pay WordPress plugins and themes. Assist with customizations for website clients. Learn how to bend WordPress to do anything. Learn how to find, sell, deliver, and profit from website development projects.

Candidates should either be strong programmers with an interest in learning how to develop with WordPress or be familiar with WordPress setup and management with a desire to learn development.

WordPress Designer

Setup and customize WordPress installs for real clients. Tweak WordPress theme designs and develop new themes from scratch. Learn UI and UX best practices for website designs. Learn how to work with clients to deliver excellent websites that demand premium compensation.

Candidates should have some HTML/CSS experience or a strong desire to learn. Javascript or PHP experience a plus. Should have strong design skills. Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator a plus.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Generate and execute a marketing strategy for our WordPress membership plugin Paid Memberships Pro. Help design the email marketing integration and affiliate features for Paid Memberships Pro. Manage a real advertising budget. Learn how to make money online.

Candidates should be comfortable internet citizens with an interest in social media and business. Experience with WordPress a plus.

How to Apply

Please email me at or via our contact form. Note the position you are applying for and provide a way to get in contact with you. Briefly state why you believe you are qualified and provide any information you think would be useful.

We will do our best to respond to all candidates and will follow up with qualified candidates to schedule a phone interview and further screening.

Here are some of the exciting things going on at Stranger Studios that you can take part in.

  • Our memberships software Paid Memberships Pro launched last fall and has been downloaded over 5000 times.
  • We have over 40 paying customers for our Paid Memberships Pro support package.
  • Last year we launched over 30 websites for our clients.
  • Our site has grown to over 33k users and an email list 27k strong.
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A Presentation on E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship

On Saturday, January 27, Jason and I will be speaking at Villanova University’s Beyond Ideas: The Art of Entrepreneurship. Here’s what we are speaking about:


  • Our Story
    Jason, Kim, and Stranger Studios
  • Winelog
    Background on the idea and development and an overview of what WineLog is.

Types of E-commerce Businesses

  • E-commerce as an extension of an existing business
    Best Buy: Buy online, pickup in store. Negative point: Best Buy has different online and in-store prices (confuses customer).
    Gap: Fully integrated with in-store shopping.
  • Pure E-commerce
    Examples of purely e-commerce businesses (Amazon) and a discussion of the benefits and weaknesses of doing business online.
  • Other hybrid models?
    Examples of web businesses that later moved in bricks and mortar businesses: EBay shops that sell your stuff for you.
  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster
    How a bricks and mortar store can get a leg-up on a purely e-commerce company.

Starting up an E-commerce Business

  • The Long-tail
    Why online businesses can take advantage of the long-tail in ways that traditional businesses cannot. (Hacking the Long Tail)
  • Getting free help
    How to immerse yourself in the community you are hoping to break in-to and build up a support network. (BarCamp, Co-Working
  • The role of planning in online ventures
    When do you need a plan and when is a plan a hindrance?
  • Your online business is getting some attention, now what?
    Comments about the different paths you can take with your *potentially* successful online business. Taking VC money vs. boot-strapping, etc.

Making Money Online

  • Brokering information on the web
    New web ventures base their revenue model on selling information, rather than what we traditionally think of as a product or a service. A discussion of blogs (Techcrunch, GigaOm) and other information-engines (Epinions, CNET).
  • Growth Before Dollars
    Don’t think dollars first: web destinations that are useful to people will grow. So make your site, application, or service useful first. Once you’ve got a lot of people’s attention, then it should be easy to make money.
  • Your idea doesn’t have moneymaking potential…so what?
    Don’t lose sight of the other benefits of your online venture – like learning new things, gaining a posse, credibility and popularity, enlarging your network and just HAVING FUN (Interactive 8-Ball,
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We’ll be at CreativeCamp (in Philly) December 2nd

See for more information. BarCampNYC2 was awesome, but the only reason we treked all the way up there was because Philadelphia-area entrepreneurs hadn’t yet gotten their act together. Well now Philly has an unconference of its own: CreativeCamp.


If you are going to be near (within 3000 miles) Philadelphia December 2nd, think about coming. It should be, well, awesome. I’m not sure yet what I’ll present on, but I’m thinking of doing something hands on. Maybe some microformats stuff. Who knows.

Spread the word.

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BarCamp NYC 2 Follow-up

Kim and I had a great time at BarCamp in New York this weekend. We met a ton of like-minded people doing incredible things.

Our presentation on “Hacking the Long Tail: Making Collaborative Filtering work for” went well. I was hoping to get educated by someone in the audience who knew more about the Long Tail than I did, but people were either busy making impromptu business plans in a competing session or more interested in WineLog iteself than the Long Tail.

The wine tasting part did go over well. There was a lot of wine left over, but that just made our evening more interesting. You can see which wines we tasted at BarCamp NYC2 at WineLog.

Presentation PPT: BarCamp_Presentation.ppt (blog post to follow)
Completed Wine Tasting Spreadsheet: BarCampNYC2_WineTasting.xls

The presentation and tasting was filmed, but I’m not sure if it is online yet. I’ll link to it when it shows up.

Here is a brief (and no way complete) list of interesting people we met this weekend:

  • Chris from VistaPrint. Chris was a fun guy to hang out with. Kim and I are big fans of VistaPrint; their cheap inexpensive printing services help us save a ton of money for our clients. I was as excited to meet someone from VistaPrint as I would be to meet someone from the Chicago Bears. At the same time, Chris was excited to meet real users of the system he works on.
  • Nate Abele from CakePHP. Nate is a PHP developer to look up to. If there were PHP developer trading cards, I would covet his rookie card. His project Cake is a framework for PHP. It’s similar to the popular “Rails” framework for the Ruby programming language but for PHP. Unlike some other PHP frameworks, Cake doesn’t just try to mimic Rails. Instead it is built with PHP developers in mind and works off the strengths and weaknesses of PHP. It’s really interesting stuff, and I’m excited about trying it out with a future projects. It would have been great for WineLog if I had looked into it more before I custom-coded a lot of what Cake offers.
  • David Cohn. David writes for He’s writing an article about BarCampNYC2, which might feature Kim and I as crazy Philadelphians who made the trip up to New York to walk around in our socks and talk to geeks.
  • Dean “the Australian” Collins. Dean does a lot of things (like us!), but just seems to love helping startups start up. He was always good for a good comment/question in any session he attended. You can find out more about Dean and his work at
  • Avi Welnsky. Avi writes for us over at InvestorGeeks. I had never met him in person though… cool guy. Among other things, he taught me a great way to get a high page ranking in MSN’s search engine.

I can’t relate how great the atmosphere was at BarCamp. I had that feeling like “these are my people”. There were a lot of attendees I wish I could have spent more time talking with. Contacts were made though, and I’m sure we’ll follow up. For others, we’ll just have to wait for the next BarCamp.

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We’ll be at BarCamp NYC 2 Saturday and Sunday

Information about BarCamp NYC 2 can be found at

I’ll be presenting on “hacking the long tail”, discussing how the long tail phenomenon applies to WineLog. We’ll dispute the assertion that wine tasting note sites are doomed to fail and give some reasons why a social community and recommendation engine can be successfully applied to the domain of wine.

Kim and I will also be performing a little wine tasting. “Volunteers” will drink 2 of the 4 red wines we’re bringing. Then we’ll run their ratings through a little spreadsheet application I’ve rigged. The spreadsheet will predict their rating on the other two wines they haven’t drunk yet. Then we’ll see how good those predictions are. The spreadsheet is pretty cool, doing similar analysis to what is done behind the scenes at WineLog. But it also gives me the idea to package something up for people to download and use at their own tastings. Hmmm…

I’ll post back here after the (un)conference and let y’all know how things went.

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New Site

Stranger Studios is going full-time. To celebrate, Kim and I have refurbished the company website. We think the new design is, like, totally sweet.

And we’ve started a blog! (I can never get enough.)

The blog itself should get a makeover fairly soon. And we’re, as always, very busy with WineLog. However, we’re looking for more work to fill the time I will be freeing up when I leave my day job. If you are looking for a designer or web developer to deliver quality work, drop us a line. We won’t let you down.

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