Good Shepherd Catholic Regional School

We used a third-party WordPress theme that could be customized to fit the needs of the new Good Shepherd Catholic Regional School. Each teacher has their own unique page that can be used to share class announcements. We embedded a Google calendar on the site in order to keep parents informed of upcoming events. (more…)


This straightforward website showcases Brixiom’s CRM solutions for the drinks industry. We also styled and integrated the Self-service Portal for Brixiom to provide tutorials, documentation, and online support to their users. (more…)

Jose Palomino’s Strategic Propositions

In addition to Jose’s corporate website, Value Prop Interactive, we created this personal blog using the Thesis theme for WordPress. Blog registration is linked to Jose’s mailing list using our Constant Contact Integration for WordPress Plugin.


DateSpaces is a twist on the restaurant directory website where locations are ranked, rated, and categorized by “datability”. The site aims to help New Yorkers find the perfect dating spots inside the city.

WineLog is a community site for wine drinkers with tools for keeping track of wine you have drunk and finding new wines to try. This site was built as an internal Stranger Studios project and was later split off as a child company.

Judy Townsend

Judy Townsend is a real estate agent out of Hendersonville, North Carolina. We setup a site on top of WordPress with a custom design. Judy is our first client using our Real Estate plugin that ties into the North Carolina MLS data to pull in over 16,000 real estate listings.

Neiger LLP

Neiger LLP came to us looking to move their website from static HTML files to the WordPress CMS. We worked with them to port their old design to a WordPress theme, adding some improvements along the way.


Kim’s sister came to us with an idea for a website to help people make everyday decisions. Jason combined her idea with his own love for decision matrices (developed while working as a business consultant) to create the TopWhatever decision making engine.